Survey: Hosemann most popular elected official, MS Legislature gets low marks

JACKSON, MISS. (WJTV) — A State of the State survey released by Millsaps College and Chism Strategies find thats Mississippians are concerned about the direction of their state, disapprove of the work being done by the state legislature, and rank infrastructure, healthcare access and cost, and increasing public school funding as their top priorities.
Nearly 70% of voters favor creating a state lottery with a majority saying that lottery revenue should be directed to the public schools.
The survey considered how elected officials are viewed.
The survey found Delbert Hosemann is the most popular elected official. Hosemann’s approval sits at +34%. His approval among Republicans is +58%. Hosemann is particularly popular with older voters: voters age 55 and older approve of Hosemann 60%-19%. Among African American voters, Hosemann is the most popular of the Republican elected officials included in the survey. He also enjoys a +16 mark among independents.
State Treasurer Lynn Fitch also drew high marks.
The Mississippi Legislature—which convened the new 90-day session last week—is largely unpopular with voters. Collectively, the legislature’s approval rating is underwater at -12%.
How the survey was conducted: The State of the State Survey involves a partnership between the Millsaps College Political Science Department, the Institute for Civic and Professional Engagement at Millsaps, and Chism Strategies. The survey was conducted December 15-19th. Sample size of 578 with 29% cell phone interviews. MOE of 4.08%. Results weighted to reflect 2015 general election turnout for age, race, gender and partisanship.

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