How does the Capital City’s infrastructure issues affect potential businesses moving to Jackson

Businesses around the capital city are feeling the effects of the city wide boil water notice and water main breaks. WJTV’s Margaret-Ann Carter is looking into how these constant infrastructure issues affect potential businesses looking to build in Jackson.

City leaders have been trying to bring new businesses to Jackson for years now and while there are several projects in the works, infrastructure woes are causing some to think twice.

In many ways Jackson is the ideal place for a new business.

“You look at those statistics of us being a medical center, of being a college town, of being the central core of government. There’s a lot of reason for people to be right in Jackson as well,” Duane O’Neill president of the greater Jackson chamber partnership

Duane O’Neill with the Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership admits there are setbacks.

“We have a good draw in what brings people to Jackson but at the same time there are a few things like old infrastructure and other things that we do battle,” he explained.

O’Neill doesn’t blame the city’s current leadership he says they’re doing the best with what they’ve been given, which is years of neglected infrastructure needs.

“In some of the old neighborhoods it’s kind of like playing that old game whack-a-mole every time we fix one it pops up there because the infrastructure is so old,” he said.

He says the majority of potential builders he’s spoken with are willing to over look these issues because Jackson is on the rise.

“The one that comes up more often is actually the roads because most folks don’t see the water crises unless they’re here or happen to be here right during a week like we just have gone through they may hear about it and want to ask about it but as long as we’re working on it they understand,” O’Neill said.

O’Neill says he sees a light at the end, “I believe we’ll get all of this taken care of in the near future as far as replacing just like we’re replacing doing the streets at a much faster rate than we have been in the past and now if we can take care of some of the rest of the infrastructure with that same pace and diligence I think we’ll be in good shape.”


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