A Pine Belt woman’s Facebook post prompts a policy change at the Laurel Salvation Army

LAUREL, Miss.(WHLT) – A Salvation Army policy has been changed thanks to the power of social media.

Amanda Eddy made a trip to the Laurel Salvation Army this past week to donate some items, but during her trip she heard an unpleasant conversation.

She said there was a family getting ready to checkout items when they handed the cashier a voucher, that’s when things turned left.

“The lady proceeded to responded that I wish you would’ve come up to the counter and let me know you had this voucher, because there’s things in this store you can’t get. My heart dropped.”

When she got home, she posted this on her Facebook page.

The post reached thousands of people and received over 1,000 shares. It also caught the attention of the Salvation Army USA Facebook page. They responded saying they’re changing the Laurel policy.

This Thursday the Laurel Salvation Army posted a follow up on their Facebook page about the voucher policy.

We spoke with Van Williams from the Laurel Family Store and he says the policy was changed to accommodate concerns.

“There had been some concerns about um, those who are not allowed to select the name brand items, and so because of the concerns that has been expressed by our clients as well as the community , we’ve decided to implement that change.”

Amanda says if it wasn’t for the sharing of her post, she’s unsure if the policy would have ever changed.

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