MS Food Network helps feed JPS students

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Jackson water crises has forced Jackson Public Schools to close their doors for an entire week, which meant some students weren’t able to receive school lunches.

On one of the coldest days, an act of kindness is what heats things up at parkview church, where volunteers provided food assistance for JPS students.

Boxes upon boxes of food for families who need a little bump until JPS gets back to school, put on by the Mississippi Food Network.

“It’s important because our kids need food to eat and have a balanced meal and we are able to provide that,” Danny White said.

According to JPS, nearly 80 percent of students free or reduced meals.

Lawanda Hart can appreciate it, she says she is having a hard time feeding her grandchildren.

“It’s a real help to me because im not working now and out on sick leave,” she explained.

The Boil water alert has been lifted for all areas of Jackson and school is set to resume on Tuesday.


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