Women in Laurel provide assistance to the homeless

LAUREL, Miss.(WHLT) – A woman has teamed up with the community to provide better resources for the homeless in Laurel.

One day Teena Keyes was walking through Cotton Mill Park when she stumbled across several homeless people living in the area.

She immediately called her friends to figure out a plan for helping these people that were stuck in the cold.

“Oh it was devastating… I mean they were out here like this cold day right here. Some of them didn’t have jackets. She added, “I got on the phone with Tammy, called her and then we started calling all our friends, got a Facebook page, and begin getting a lot of donations.”

Teena says those donations included clothes, blankets, toiletries, food, and monetary funds.

Thanks to the community, the group of women were also able to provide living arrangements for the homeless.

Since starting, Teena says they have been able to help multiple people get back on their feet. They were able to find money one person, who never knew they had the funds, and another person was hired for a job.

Tammy, one of the team members, says she helped a man who lost everything during Hurricane Harvey.

“He was looking for work. Well one of the guys gave him some work doing landscaping around the shop and then he applied for a couple other jobs and he got it.”
Teena and Tammy says their next goal is to create an official organization and team up with the City of Laurel to provide a homeless shelter for the city.

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